What is Zero FIR?

Zero FIR is an FIR that can be lodged regarding a cognizable offense irrespective of the place of crime and jurisdiction of the police station.

After recording of Zero FIR, the case is allotted to the police station with the jurisdiction of the case, and thereafter that concerned Police station investigates the case.

Any police station without jurisdiction can lodge Zero FIR marking it with a serial number Zero and thereafter instantly transfers the pertinent documents over to the concerned Police station having jurisdiction, wherein it is numbered and then investigation begins.

Consequences of Refusal to lodge ZERO FIR?

Any Police officer who refused to file a Zero FIR can be punished under section 166 A of the IPC which contemplates rigorous imprisonment for a term not less than 6 months extending till 2 years.

Also, even if the Magistrate is taking cognizance of Zero FIR upon :-

a. receiving a complaint of facts which constitutes any offence,
b. on a police report of certain facts,
same will not be vitiated under section 460 (e) of Cr.P.C.

Checklist to be followed while registering Zero FIR:-

  1. Statement to be recorded by the police officer in writing,
  2. Informants signature is must to make the statement official,
  3. A duplicate of the complaint to be provided to the informant,
  4. Informant should always ensure to get an identification number,
  5. Transfer of all the documents to competent police station for investigation.

Case Law:-
Recently in the horrifying case of rape and murder of Dr. Priyanka Reddy, the Shamsabad police station denied lodging FIR on the grounds of jurisdictional limitations, which was termed as bad in the eye of law and it was held by High Court Karnataka that, Even if the alleged offence has been committed outside the territorial jurisdiction of the police station FIR shall be still registered and the same shall be transferred to the appropriate police station for further action.


Thus, Zero FIR is extremely useful in various crimes like Rape, Murder, Assault, Accident etc wherein immediate measures need to be taken rather than contemplating about the jurisdiction of the police station.