Standard Instructions for generic issues

If you have been referred to this page, I first want to you know that I understand your hardship, and God be with you. I have prepared this Standard Instruction article to act as a self-guide to make sure that you can follow try to do the basic steps on your own, without the help of an outside counsel, and try to sort out the issue on your own. Please note, if the matter is trivial, follow these instructions, and if the matter is beyond your scope, please get in touch with a Lawyer of your choice and get professional services. You may, however, use this article as a guide for “know-how”. Also, I always recommend you to get in touch with a lawyer, rather than self-medicating yourself with google knowledge. Below are the categories of issues, and specific types for your self-help.

Cyber Crime:

  • OTP SCAM – When you have received a call from a person claiming to be a bank manager or calling/messaging as Paytm KYC agent.
  • Instagram Fake Profile.
  • Instagram Photo being copied, reproduced, morphed.
  • Facebook Face Profile
  • Facebook Photo being copied, reproduced, morphed.
  • Defamation / Insulting Statements on Facebook / Instargram.
  • WhatsApp Display Picture Copied / Circulated.
  • Tiktok Video Removal.
  • Pornography Video / Hidden Video Recorded and shared on Porn Websites.

—- Coming Soon —-

Domestic Violence / Divorce / Family Dispute / Child Custody:

Love Marriage – Registering issue – Parents trouble

Extra Marital Affair by Husband.

Extra Marital Affair by Wife.

Marital Rape – (intercourse without consent)

Domestic Violence by Husband over petty issues

Domestic Violence by Husband for want of Dowry, Dowry Harassment or Property.

Domestic Violence by Husband and his Family for want of Dowry, Dowry Harassment, or Property. (including distant relative and friends)

Divorce by Mutual Consent

Divorce by contest

Custody of Child

Accident Claims / Compensation / Accident by Negligence.