“Crypto isn’t legal. But, i’ll tax it”

“Crypto isn’t legal. But, i’ll tax it”, this has been the stance of the Indian Government, while the Law Enforcement during the course of a investigating a complaint of any financial fraud, just blindly blocks ANY account involved the transaction related to crypto. The fraudsters make use of crypto trading platforms to launder their money … Read more

Exiting a toxic relationship

Identifying a toxic relationship and exiting it isn’t a taboo anymore. Often many male clients ask me, “why is the law in favour of women?”, the answer is very simple. It takes few years of CHANGE in order to undo decades of injustice to the women in our society. Right from equality to that of … Read more

Legal Maxims – important terms.

???? IMPORTANT LEGAL MAXIMS ???? ✍️1.Ubi jus ibi remedium – Where there is a right, there is a remedy. ✍️2.Volenti non fit injuria – Damage suffered by consent gives no cause of action. ✍️3.Alibi – At another place, elsewhere ✍️4.Audi alteram partem – No man shall be condemned unheard. ✍️5.Locus standi – Right of a … Read more


Its been a headache sharing payment details to those who are transferring funds to me. I’ve been working on a payment gateway solution and looking forward to hosting it soon on to this blog. Meanwhile, I’m listing out the bank with their credentials. Please use the below modes for making NEFT / RTGS provided you … Read more

Hear me out!

All forms of business or profession have a paint point in one way or the other, and every such pain point is an opportunity for innovation and an opportunity for a new form of business. However, Medical & Judiciary are the only two professions that have a humongous impact on one’s personal life, as the … Read more

When documents obtained under right to information can be treated as a public document?

In view of the above analysis, the xerox copy certified by the designated Public Information Officer under Right to Information Act of the private documents are not certified copies within the meaning of the provisions of Section 65 of the Evidence Act. They are merely true copies of the private documents available in the records … Read more

What is Zero FIR?

Zero FIR is an FIR that can be lodged regarding a cognizable offense irrespective of the place of crime and jurisdiction of the police station. After recording of Zero FIR, the case is allotted to the police station with the jurisdiction of the case, and thereafter that concerned Police station investigates the case. Any police … Read more