Nexon EV Trip from Coimbatore to Thuraiyur, Trichy

Although this is off-topic legal, I wanted to share my very first experience of travelling in a EV from Coimbatore to Thuraiyur, Trichy.

I got the vehicle delivered in the mid of October, 2023, and it has been hardly a week since I started using it in the Coimbatore city, and there was a need for a long trip for a case. So, I took this opportunity to put the EV into testing.

Total Distance to travel: 450 Kms (onwards and return)

I charged my vehicle at 100% (40.5Kwh) from my home, it showed me a range of 330 (which was not actually the case). I started by 04:30 AM in the morning, as wide buffer, just in case, I run hiccups at charging stations.

I arrived at Karur at 06:45 AM (with 48% charge), and as previously charted, I reached the charging point located at Hotel Subbanna. I charged my vehicle for 14.5 Kwh approx, (upto 80% charge) Time taken is 45 minutes.

I started towards Thuraiyur, Trichy, and reached the court at 08:50 AM (with 68% charge). The court was to open only at 10:30 AM. I took a small nap inside the car, The idle time ate-up 1% charge every approx 7 minutes.

Work got over by 01:00 PM., and I started back towards Coimbatore (with 57%), and I reached Thennilai A2B, with 1(7% charge), it was a 50 Kwh Charger, however, I learned that the Nexon EV max can take up a max of 24 Kwh as charging speed. However, the stat display showed charging at 30 kWh. I charged upto 70% charge before disconnecting.

I took off towards Coimbatore again after a lunch at A2B, with 70% charge, and reached Coimbatore with 12% Charge. When I was nearing my house, it was barely 10% while reaching. The rain slowed up the traffic, and we did speed boating at various trenches of water patch here and there, (thanks to IP67 rating), I was not much worried about water seepage.

as soon as I entered back to the house, I put my vehicle into charge, at 3.3 kWh travel charger, and my EV was ready for travel the next morning at 08:30. I cannot complain that I had a bad experience, but EV is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you have the luxury of time and proper planning, you are in good hands, not ideal for emergency travel.